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What is MIDI?
MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) files are still little understood, I think.  What it isn't: A MIDI file is not an audio file since it contains no sound of its own ... read more

General Info and My Sequencing Techniques:
... I, like everyone who sequences orchestral scores, put all the tracks in one at a time (usually with step-entry rather than real-time.) ... read more

How I Create a MIDI File:
... how I personally approach creating a MIDI file. I am using the first movement of the Elgar Violin Concerto as an example ... read more

MIDI Special Effects
MIDI technology, while not a substitute for a real performance, can do quite a lot more than most give it credit for, if the hardware and software allow for it. Roland sound modules (Yamaha has different resets) allow adding reverberation ... read more

About Slides and Pitchbends
Pitchbends can be pretty tricky. But they can be used quite a bit in the string solo patches and even, quite often, in the string ensemble patches ... read more

In any type of step-entry MIDI file, tempo is an important contributor to the overall effect and I don't just mean in the obvious sense of general speed of a work or section of a work ... read more

Thoughts on Sequencing for the Piano:
Ideally, piano music is best sequenced in a real performance using a good full MIDI keyboard such as the Yamaha Clavinova or a regular acoustical piano which has been adapted for MIDI ...  read more

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