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My Symphony No 1, based on Tennyson's Idylls of the King, has been placed on YouTube with narration and matching graphics, by Duane Mazey.

The Ye New Music Fayre 2010 project is now online. Also added is a bonus appendix for the Dvořák "Answers" including my own contribution.

The entire  Delian Society "Horla" project is now online and includes my "Dans Une Langue Inconnue".

A new page has been added with a Myriad plugin score of my new piece for Violin, Bassoon, and Piano "Dans Une Langue Inconnue" based on a section of a novella by Guy de Maupassant.

My "Fantasia on Dodo Titite" has been newly recorded by the Serenade Duo (Michelle LaPorte and Gerry Saulter) and may be heard here.

A page has been added to the Delian Society Ye New Music Fayre 2009 for my song on a poem by Maycol Posso Giraldo, "Y de Nuevo". It is sung by Andrew Marvel. I have also added a Myriad plugin page for the same recording.

Delian Suite No. 4 ("Bosch"):
"Wayfarer" Variations 

Elgar Files info
(What is GS? 32 vs.16 channels)
About the Elgar "Third Symphony". CD reviews

Combined MIDI files:
Schumann: Symphony No.3 "Rhenish" (632KB) with information
Brahms Symphony No.1 (1MB) with information.
Elgar MIDI files

MIDI files: 16 channels
About the Brahms 4th Symphony with 3 files
Liszt: From the Cradle to the Grave. information, MIDI file and MP3 version.
Delius Florida Suite complete with info. MIDI and MP3 files

MP3 files based on sequences by Edward Gold
All my Elgar MP3 files.
About the Enigma Variations.
Delius Florida Suite
MP3s of Brahms Symphony No.1 (complete) and 4th Symphony 1st,2nd and 4th movements
Liszt: Shepherds' Song at the Manger from the oratorio "Christus"
Schumann "Rhenish " Symphony files

Wind Quartet:
1st movement: Andante Pastorale. (6.1MB)
2nd movement: Scherzo. (3.4 MB)
3rd movement: Variations. (9.2 MB)

SoundClick Player page: Nocturne in Classical Style for flute and string quartet
Crossing the Bar (Tennyson) for vocal ensemble (2.1MB)
    · Sir Hubert Parry version of Crossing the Bar
Dover Beach (Arnold) for vocal ensemble (4.3MB)
Carillon for voices, tuned percussion and strings (3.4MB)

Memorials 2-5 for orchestra

Kyrie from Mass of John the Baptist sung by David W. Solomons
Gloria from Mass of John the Baptist sung by David W. Solomons (3.2MB)
"The Phantom Trumpet" info and file (2.9MB)
Variation for the Standing Buddhas project, info and file (1.7MB)
Central Park Suite - (all versions are on this page): 1."The Lake", 2."The Obelisk" ("Cleopatra's Needle"), 3."The Ramble", 4. "Egret in Flight", and 5. "Angel of the Waters"
"Glee-The Ghosts" Poem by Thomas Love Peacock. sung by David W. Solomons. (2.1MB)
About "The Picture of Dorian Gray" with MP3 file (5.7 MB).
Meditating in the Shakespeare Garden

Some MP3s of my piano performances from the '80s and early '90s with photographs.

"Central Park Suite" Multimedia Gallery.

"Winter Into Spring" Photos of Central Park.

"singing scores" Myriad plugin required (free):
"Crossing the Bar" (86.5KB)
"Dover Beach" (72KB)
"Carillon" (728KB)
Shakespeare's Sonnet 73
Thomas Hardy: "To Life" | MP3 (32KB) page 

Symphonies on Ancient Tunes with MP3s:
"Variations on l'Homme Armé" (978.6KB)
"Fantasia on the Willow Song" (David W. Solomons, countertenor) (4.7MB)
"Scherzo on Westron Wynde" (180.8KB)

Playing Scores (including MP3s)
Memorial 2 for my sister.
"Que vienne l'été!" ("Let the summer come!" from "Metz Concerto" ).
Standing Buddhas Variation playing score.
Merlyn Prelude playing score.
playing score of 1."The Lake" from Central Park Suite
playing score of 2. "The Obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle)"
playing score of 3."The Ramble" from Central Park Suite
playing score of 4."Egret in Flight" from Central Park Suite
playing score of 5."Angel of the Waters" from Central Park Suite


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