Order of the Cynthian Palm

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This is an electronic representation of a section of Guy de Maupassant's short story "Le Horla". My simplified translation of his text is as follows:

July 2 : "I visited Mont St. Michel, which I had not seen before ....The locals, those of the Mount, imagine they hear in the night on the sand, two goats bleating, one with a loud voice, the other with a weak voice .... Recent fishermen swear that they have met, prowling on the dunes, between two tides, round the little town placed so far from the world, an old shepherd ... who walks in front of them, a goat-man's face and the figure of a goat woman, both with long white hair who talk incessantly, arguing in a strange language, and then suddenly cease in order to bleat with all their might."

This short work is my contribution to a larger multipart work by Delian Society members, based on incidents from the story, which is slated for a live performance in France around 2011.

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