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Meditating in the Shakespeare Garden

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This is a very short piece written for the 2007 Nu Mu [sic!] Virtual Garden Project.

Though not a part of my Central Park Suite the Shakespeare Garden is in Central Park. It's near the Delacorte Theater, which presents plays by The Bard and others during the summer season (free of charge).

The Garden is not really a 'favorite' spot of mine, but it is true I have allergies of various types as well as (usually) mild asthma based on these allergies. This particular short piece is meant purely as a joke, though I have more recently attempted to 'tame the monster' by editing the original file. The two 'ghostly' tonal measures near the end are an almost literal quote from my vocal setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 73 ('That time of year thou mayst in me behold')."

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