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The 2006 Delian Games are based on the subject of "Spooks, Spirits, and Sprites." When I looked up the subject of "ghost poems" in Google, I was immediately alerted to this one, which I thought was highly appropriate for the subject. 

Thomas Love Peacock, (Yes, that is his name!) 1785 to 1866, was a writer and poet of the last part of the eighteenth to the first half of the nineteenth century and was one of the great satirists of the time. Unlike most of his friends, who included most of the major English poets of the period, he lived a full life and died at the age of 81. Among his other accomplishments was as executor of Shelley's estate.

The Glee is a satirical poem about three "ghostly" (that is: "spiritual") friars who become "friarly ghosts" and haunt their "old refectory". "Port", of course, has to do with port wine which is here also referred to as "that Red Sea". The poem comes from the novel "Melincourt". (For complete novel and free pdf, click here.)

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Glee--The Ghosts

An mp3 version of my setting is given here in David W. Solomons' performance. (vocals and final mix) The Myriad plug-in page for the same version is here.

For the PDF score of "Glee - The Ghosts", please email me. Although this is provided free, permission should be requested from the composer for performance or reproduction. The parts are available at a modest charge.

Edward Gold

· Full size image of 'Capriccio' on 2006 Delian Suite page. Artwork by Joseph Dillon Ford

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