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Edward GoldThis is a page, written in self-defense, as I've often been confused with others of the same name.

In earlier years, I was a pianist and did four LP recordings for Musical Heritage Society. I have never been involved professionally with the movie industry in any capacity and haven't written any poetry that I'm aware of. Throughout my life I've written music, usually in response to requests or some other external stimuli.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1936 and was educated in the New York City public school system. I went to P.S. 177 and 226 and Lafayette High School in Brooklyn and later the City College of New York (CCNY). My graduate work was at Yale School of Music.

I taught piano at the Dalcroze School of Music for many years and later at the Staten Island Jewish Community Center. I've been retired since 1995 and have since gotten into the field of computer music.

A somewhat more detailed biography is available at Classical Composers Database.

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