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My style tends towards a French sound with a German structural approach. I try to keep some sense of harmonic and melodic direction as well as clarity in whatever I write. I think my being eclectic is appropriate to the present time since I feel much of the twentieth century was too narrowly based, with its pointless insistence on atonality and serialism. Perhaps we need to go to the opposite extreme for a while. My own occasional use of atonality and serial techniques is always under the guidance of my ear and may have, as some have suggested, a tonal basis after all. 

My Symphony No 1, based on Tennyson's Idylls of the King, has been placed on YouTube with narration and matching graphics, by Duane Mazey.

Use the side bar links to get to the different sections on this website, or move your mouse over one of the composers on the scrolling bar to take a shortcut to a page for Elgar, Brahms, Liszt, Schumann, Delius and myself, Edward Gold.  

The Tennyson page features my composition of Crossing the Bar, and the Matthew Arnold page features Dover Beach. You may need the free Myriad Plugin to view the scores on these pages.


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